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Pinwheels are an ancient way of playing
with the power to fascinate everybody.

Valtpino’s pinwheels: the energy moving the universe!
“…It is a honour for us to say that all our products are entirely Made in Italy.”

Playing with pinwheels

Pinwheels symbolize energy and vitality, but also peace. They are like everlasting flowers that bring joy and colour in every house, every garden and every terrace they encounter. Pinwheels can be used, in fact, as a decorative accessory as well as design objects.  If placed in a vegetable garden they become a great yet harmless deterrent against moles and birds. Pinwheels were created as a game for young children, and as a matter of fact they help them enhancing their imagination and even allow them to “see beyond” while, at the same time, introducing them to elements like physics… the rotation, the colours, the optical illusions, the perception of our eyes…

Purchase a Valtpino pinwheel and then sit down, waiting for the wind…

Pinwheels made in Valtpino

Valtpino created a wide range of pinwheels with different shapes and colours suitable to any taste and for every occasion.

We offer to our clients the chance to customize the production, which is all rigorously “Made in Italy”, with logos, drawings or particular colours.

In addition, we propose many different solutions to display the products, in order to satisfy every requirement.

Everything according to short and efficient delivery times.


“With a gaze to the horizon, I find myself enraptured, in total contemplation, looking at this wonder of wonders.”

Pinwheels in the world

They are an ancient game that each one of us, at least once, has taken in the hands as children. Even today and in the entire world, this simple and colourful item is very popular in parties or fairs, able to entertain old and young with its magic twine of moving colours.

In China, for example, there is the tradition of writing good luck sentences on the tip of their helixes, with the hope that, while spinning thanks to the wind, they can deliver the auspicious messages they contain regarding the year that is about to come.

Also, in the USA, in occasion of the Memorial Day, pinwheels tinted with the classic American’s flag colours are seen swarming in every street during the parades; they are even placed on the graves of the loved ones, as a symbol of freedom of the soul from the sufferings of the body and of the departing from the earthly life.

The house of the pinwheels

They are an ancestral symbol, as they very much represent the cyclic nature of the seasons and the terrestrial rotation that defines the never-ending flow of time. In order to move they use the impetus and the strength of the natural elements: the wind and the water.

Campo Castelforte-Venice. The story of the House of the Pinwheels has to be found in the memory of the few that had the luck to see it. Donato Zangrossi (1905-1990), an astronomer and workman, had been able, for about a period of thirty years, to reproduce the Vault of Heaven on the façade of his own house by using incredible pinwheels of disparate forms and colours.

It was, indeed, thanks to the pinwheels that he had succeeded in spreading around that deep knowledge that he was able to read in a starry sky, reaching the souls of the most ordinary people.

In the present day, of this incredible house remain only shred recollections (letters, old articles, memories), however, they allowed the reconstruction of the story and made it possible to retrieve some of its magical “wind machines”.

For our production we only use PVC not propagator of flame, following the European regulations
(since 2007 LNE M1) and provided with a certificate of atoxicity.

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