Quality, experience and passion
for our work

Valtpino is already since more than 50 years active in the world of Christmas
“…And it is a pride for us to say that all our products are entirely Made in Italy.”

The first years

The business experience of Valtpino begins immediately after the war, a time in which moss was collected in the woods of the Valtellina, to then be dried out and sold.
Later on, thanks to the creativity and the expertise of the founder’s children, Valtpino moves its attention to the production of artificial Christmas Trees, which became the core business of the company.
Since 2000 and since the arrival of a strong and competitive market from the Middle East, which invaded the market with low quality products, the management decided to specialize in the production of Christmas decorations, with particular attention to the garlands and crowns section, focusing on maintaining the quality and the philosophy of the “Made in Italy”.

Care of the Client

The Christmas garlands and crowns produced by Valtpino fulfil not only the typical market’s quality demands, but meet also the needs of a high aesthetic customization, an aspect that only a manufacturer like ourselves can praise.

Valtpino is principally aiming to a b2b clientele and is already actively working as a market’s leader with Italy’s largest retailers, as well as with national and international wholesalers, and also with decorators, window dressers and other business-like companies.
Our main belief is that every Customer is unique and special, and this is the reason why Valtpino is able to offer customized products, giving the customer the pleasure of choosing between a wide range of models, forms, colours and packaging.

Security, Quality, Research and Development

Valtpino has always been a family-style manufacturer whose fundamental value is the respect of people. A big amount of its success derives from this principle.
All of our products represent security and quality, thanks to the passion that we invest every day in our work: we strictly control every phase of the production process, thanks to our highly skilled staff.
The constant investment in research and development opens the doors to a regular and solid improvement of our products. We aim to constantly raising up the quality of the decorations we produce while keeping up with the market’s inclinations and urgent requests.

Our strenghts

Valtpino offers a wide range of carton packaging to display the products, which are able to satisfy the most colourful customer’s needs: Smallbox, Minibox and expositive Drawers are also conceived to give life to a graphic customization; all this adds to the benefits of the customer service, thanks to the simpler and faster style of exposition in the supermarkets.

Furthermore, we choose to use the PVC hook instead of the cardboard hook, which is largely used by the competition: this is way more resistant, it whether breaks, neither does it spoil with time, and it always remains intact.

LNE M1 Certification

Valtpino’s expertise shows itself in the wide selection of models and range of colours, and also in the unavoidable attention that the company puts in the choice and use of the materials; all the products are in accordance with European regulations and possess the LNE M1 certification for PVC not propagator of flame.

A gaze to the future

In the more recent history of the company, a new production’s sector has been added to the already wide range of product’s selection: the pinwheel for kids and for garden decoration. The characteristic of the new production has already collected an extremely positive feedback from the final customers, thanks to its fantasy-full and captivating designs. The company’s management has therefore decided to expand the investigation and the production in the garden’s decoration field, while following the philosophy of complete respect for the quality and the elegance characteristic of the “Made in Italy“.

            For our production we only use PVC not propagator of flame, following the European regulations (since 2007 LNE M1) and provided with a certificate of atoxicity.